Frequently Asked Questions

A shipping container home is exactly as the name suggests; a livable space that is constructed using refitted shipping containers. Shipping container homes are able to be uniquely designed to meet individual circumstances and contain fully functional areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and laundries. 

Building a shipping container home can be a cost effective solution if you are looking to downsize and minimise space while maximising your budget as there is a lot less outlay costs associated with construction in comparison to a standard home building cost. Costs involved with building a container home can vary depending on the design, size, location, transportation, as well as your chosen building companies’ circumstances.

This ruling may vary from State to State. We strongly advise you check this information with your local council.

While shipping container homes are transportable, most councils will classify them as a permanent dwelling on your property. Hence you will be required to have engineering, plans, inspections, and associated approvals in place before taking delivery of your new container home. 

We can arrange delivery Australia wide from our workshop to your front drive. Delivery is an additional cost which we can quote for in the intial stages if required. 

Due to the distance and time factors, we prefer not to do this for our customers as it can become very expensive for both parties. We can recommend building contractors who can quote to have the additions built for you.

Build times may vary depending on the design requirements, however on average it’s between 2-3 months.

This will depend on your individual circumstances. Shipping container homes and spaces are a statement piece of architecture. They are unique. They are great for the harsh Australian conditions, with the ability to withstand hot summers and freezing cold winters. But be mindful that while they can be a cheaper option if you are looking to downsize to a modular style home, there is a lot of fabrication and manufacturing cost involved with building so be prepared to get quotes together before you make the final decision to select a shipping container home.